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What is NUON?

    NUON is the name of a media processor chip designed by VM Labs that brings interactive features to DVD players in which it is integrated. In addition to high-end DVD playback features such as smooth, seamless scanning of DVD video, 20X zoom, action capture, angle view, smart matrix, and snap shot, NUON enhanced DVD players also come with the built in Video Light Machine (VLM) and the ability to play video games. Some of the games released for the platform include Tempest 3000, Iron Soldier 3, Freefall 3050 A.D. and Ballistic among others.

  • Read the archived Official NUON FAQ
  • Read the Unofficial FAQ

Where can I buy NUON stuff?

    Games, hardware and accessories are getting increasingly difficult to locate as time goes by. eBay is always a good place to start, and games are occasinally available as well.

    Songbird Productions has re-run NUON titles like Iron Soldier 3 and FreeFall 3050 A.D., and is developing an N64 to NUON controller adapter.

Interviews & Chat Transcripts

Tony Takoushi of TAKS
Talkin With Tony Takoushi
Phil of Miracle Designs
Yappin With YaK
Don McClure from Digital Element
Geoff Harris from TransACT

Articles and Information


Accessing NUON Features on Planet of the Apes
The initial run of Planet of the Apes DVDs has a broken link to the NUON Features, which prevents access through the main link. Check this article out for a workaround so you can get to the goods in an alternate way.

Creating NUON DVD Movie Content (964 KB pdf)
Ever wonder how movie studios created NUON features for their DVD movies? Check out this .pdf document all about the NUON Composer Kit to find out.

DVD Movie Glitches on NUON Players
All DVD players can potentially glitch up on certain DVDs, and NUON players are no different. Check here to see if there is any solution to the problem you may be experiencing.

Mods & Hacks:

Add NUON Gameports to a Samsung N505
Yes, it was a stupid move by Samsung to leave the NUON ports off of the Europen model N505. Luckily, Ratko Jovicic took the plunge and did the mod, now you can see how it's done and follow right along with pictures.

Disc Read Error Fix for Samsung N501, N504 and N505
T_T posted a great fix for your flaky NUON DVD drive on the N-D forums involving a simple swap from a similar Samsung DVD player. Cheap, easy and with great results...what more could you want from a hack?

Hacking Your Logitech Gamepad
Annoyed by not getting the maximum amount of analog response from your Logitech Gamepad for NUON? Check out this walkthrough for 2 different methods of modifying your pad so you can get your game on, Logitech style.

RCA DRC300N & DRC480N Region Code Hack
Justin42 experiments to find that the RCA NUON players can be made region free, and that it will properly display PAL content as well.

Samsung DVD-N501 Blue LED Mod
NUON-Dome Forum member Shemp Mo-Din shows us how to mod our N501's with a matching blue "standby" LED.

Samsung DVD-N501 Region Code Hack (11/6/03 capture via has info on how to use an AIWA Remote to be able to play all NTSC region DVD's on your N501.

Samsung DVD-N2000 Region Code Hack (5/18/03 capture via has info on how to use an AIWA Remote to be able to play all NTSC region DVD's on your N2000.


Burning Homebrew NUON Games & Apps
Having trouble getting NUON.CD files to run on your NUON DVD player? JustClaws goes in-depth with some tips on how to get 'em going.

CCAG 2004 Report
NUON-Dome and JagFest "On Tour" come together for a day of Tempest, homebrews and hanging out. Pictures and words inside.

PhillyClassic 5 Report
NUON-Dome took a road trip to Philadelphia to share the NUON love. Read all about the event right here.

NUON Homebrew
Originally produced for volume 1.04 of DP Wire, this article gives a brief history of homebrew games on the NUON platform and a brief synopsis of each game.

NUON - An English Opinion by Mark Crutch
Read one Englishmen's opinion on all things NUON, written before the official launch of NUON to England for the N-D reader review contest.

VGXPO '05 Photo Gallery
PhillyClassic transformed into VGXPO for 2005 and N-D was there. Here are the pictures to prove it.


VLM Journal (Samsung N501) by James Kracht (4/2/05 capture via
If you're searching for a comprehensive look at NUON-VLM and how it functions specifically in the Samsung DVD-N501, then this is the site to visit. Screenshots comparing different results when using an analog joystick, comparisons of different VLM settings and complete analysis of all aspects of VLM are here. Lightsynth fans, go for it!

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