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Unreleased & Prototypes:

Easter Eggs:

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

Multiple hidden features -

Access The Egg:

1. If you select the middle Jet Car image on the first menu screen, you will be able to scroll through a selection of quotes from Doctor Banzai.

2. If you select the yellow circle in the top left corner of the first menu screen, you will be able to scroll through 36 alternate DVD menu designs.

3. If you select the Banzai Institute logo on the Banzai Institute Archive Menu screen, you will be able to scroll through two alternate DVD cover designs.

4. If you select the watermelon image on the first Deleted Scenes Menu screen, you will be taken to an article called "Food from the Skies?" which discusses why the Banzai Institute was putting watermelons in high guages.

5. If you select the BB logo on the second screen of the "Food from the Skies?" article, you will be taken to a video clip of W.D. Richter called "Why?" where he discusses watermelons and shows a recipe for Chicken in a Watermelon.


    View the Rocker Scene - To access the deleted "Rocker" wish sequence from Bedazzled, go into the Special Features menu (the one with the Trailer, NUON Features, THX optimizations, etc). On that menu, select 'more' and you'll be at a screen with Elizabeth Hurley dressed as an angel. Press Right on the remote to make a devil appear on angel Hurley's shoulder, then press Enter to view the scene!
    (Discovered by mshaver76)

Planet of the Apes:

    Ape Commentary - On Disc 1- Select Special Features, then select Commentaries, then press the down arrow to highlight the "back" button, then press the "up" arrow to highlight a red monkey that is between the top of the swords. This will play a special "Ape" language commentary of the movie, but it fast forwards to only scenes of the ape in the spacesuit in the beginning of the movie.

    View DVD Credits - On Disc 1- Select languages and then press the down arrow to highlight resume film, then press the right arrow to highlight a red apes helmet which will take you to the DVD credits.

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