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Samsung DVD N-505 Controller Port Hack
By Ratko Jovicic

In most of Europe, the Samsung N505 was the only model of NUON DVD player that was readily available. It is a great machine, but the lack of gameports is a big drawback for any NUON fan. If you were lucky, you got the N504 (with gameports) in Switzerland, but otherwise you'll have to add the gameports onto the N505 yourself. Luckily it is very easy, the hardest part is getting the gameports!

Here are pictures of left front panel of the N505 and N504:

Samsung N505
Samsung N504

As you can see, the only diference is in sticker position and headphones port/volume control on N505 and gameports on N504. Unfortunately there is no hole on front panel under the sticker on the N505, but everything inside is the same - including the motherboard! There are only 3 screws on the back of the machine, making it a very simple task to open it up.

Samsung N505 Inside
Samsung N504 Inside

The N505 and N504 are identical inside - both motherboards are the same - the only diference is that the N504 has gameports and cable attached to the Nuon motherboard, while N505 uses same PCB (without gameports) just to turn on/off device.

There are also different drive frimware versions, but in my opinion it is the same firmware (or almost the same). As Mr. X told us this is firmware for DVD drive. So don't think that the gameports will not work in N505, in fact it will work perfectly!

Samsung N505 Drive Firmware
Samsung N504 Drive Firmware

Now, here is the first problem: there is no conector for the cable that connects the Nuon motherboard and gameport PCB in the N505.

Samsung N 505
Samsung N 504

If you are not able to find this kind of connector in a shop, try to find it in some other broken or old electronic device. I used similar connector - (it must have same distance betwen pins) from an old VCR... (orange connector on picture below)

You can do this before you get gameports and that is only "electronical" modification - this is only part that needs soldering!

Now you need gameports and this is the hardest part of modification - simply because you CAN'T BUY Nuon gameports or even connectors for Nuon gamepads as seperate parts! The only solution for this is to get it from N501 or N504 models - for that you need someone with broken Nuon or someone who don't need gameports and this is hard to find. And you need an original cable to connect gameports PCB with Nuon motherboard, but if you can manage to get a PCB with gameports, I'm sure you will be able to get the cable too.

Samsung N505
Samsung N504

Here is picture of original N505 - original gameport PCB but without gameport connectors and other components.

On this picture is the same N505 with gamport PCB from N501 and cable used to conect gameports with Nuon motherboard.

And again - original N505...

... and modified N505 with game ports (don't ask about heat sinks on left side... this is covered in another article ;))

And at the end - you must make holes on front panel of N505 for your gameports. I hope it will look better than my work ;)

If you have any questions (except where to order or how to get PCB with gameports for N505) just email

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