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NUON Game Cheats, Codes and Passwords

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FreeFall 3050 A.D. Games+Demos
Iron Soldier 3 Merlin Racing
Tempest 3000 VLM

FreeFall 3050 A.D.

Skill Level Normal Hard
Mission 1 WE UP
Mission 2 NEED SOME
Mission 3 TO PASS
    Access Cheats Menu:

      On the title screen press: up, down, left, right, right, left, down, up

    Mission & Level Select:

      After entering the "Access Cheats Menu" code above, on the title screen press the B button 4 times, the L button 4 times, and then the R button 4 times. Then select "Select/Start Mission" on the title screen, and you'll see an option on the next screen for "Level Select." You are now able to to choose any Mission, and then any level within that mission!


Easy Reset to Menu

    To get back to the list of applications on the disc without powering down, simply press STOP on the player or the remote to reset the machine back to the main menu. Some apps, such as Decaying Orbit, have exit options right in the in-game menus.


Iron Soldier 3

    Level Passwords 

Arcade Mode

Mission Mode
(Submitted my Beefman & Bones)

# Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard
1 B5AC0F 000000 000000 E3AC03 6BABEA 000000
2 75A42F     63BC4E 2BA40A  
3 F5B46F     23B46E ABB44A  
4 F5AF6F     23AF6E ABAF4A  
5 D5AB7F     03AB7E 8BAB5A  
6 55BBBF     83BBBE 4BA37A  
7 15B3DF     43B3DE CBB3BA  
8 15AEDF     43AEDE CBAEBA  
10 75BB2F     E3A30E 6BA2EA  
11 35B34F     63B34E EBB32A  
12 35AE4F     63AE4E EBAE2A  
13 15AA5F     E3BE8E CBAA3A  
14 D5A27F     A3B6AE 8BA25A  
15 D582FF     83BDBE 0BB29A  
16 55ADBF     83ADBE 0BAD9A  
17 35A9CF     63A9CE EBA9AA  
18 F5A1EF     23A1EE ABA1CA  
19 75B22F     A3B22E 2BB20A  
20 75AD2F     A3AD2E 2BAD0A  
21 55A93F     83A93E 0BA91A  
22 15A15F     43A15E CBA13A  
23 95B19F     C3B19E 4BB17A  
24 95AC9F     C3AC9E 4BAC7A  
25 75A8AF     A3A8AE 2BA88A  
    Incredible Speed (submitted by Stephen Anderson):

      Begin a game, then pause the game and enter the following code: C B 5 A 8 7. You'll hear a chime to confirm the correct entry of the code.

Merlin Racing

    Strategy Guide

    Level Passwords:

    Beating a boss unlocks the boss to play as in every mode except Adventure mode.

    # of Keys # of Crystals Password Comments
    2 0 MMTTMFXN
    3 0 LDFUDHEC
    4 0 BXEJDYPG
    5 0 IKOHAEI
    6 0 GNPEFED 1st Boss, Dr. Freo - 1 Purple Key
    6 1 JZPOAEPJ 1st Zystral Crystal - Play as Dr. Freo
    7 1 ISHTVOYU
    8 1 KCCDFWOP
    9 1 KJHLWKDB
    10 1 LNTWTDBR
    11 1 KQBUHDZP 2nd Boss, Rosie - 2 Purple Keys
    11 2 FYWWJSGT 2nd Zystral Crystal - Play as Rosie
    12 2 JATSCFKW
    13 2 IIJIWOFR
    14 2 LXPWFLSY
    15 2 NKGUALPW
    16 2 BTVBUFKC 3rd Boss, Piasa - 3 Purple Keys
    16 3 LFTMWSUC 3rd Zystral Crystal - Play as Piasa
    17 3 JKHFVBPR
    18 3 FXJLKXWA
    19 3 EKFVLZKH
    20 3 Skipped - use hidden Key
    21 3 BBFDYNIO 4th Boss, Kepler - 4 Purple Keys
    21 4 AIGWLYBT 4th Zystral Crystal - Play as Kepler
    22 4 DJUFAWXP
    23 4 MCWQSGRI
    24 4 EGWQNGKY
    25 4 KSDXXHVU
    26 4 AALZCDUA
    27 4 NRLCCYCW Final Boss, Prava the Witch - 5 Purple Keys
    27 4 FAVBRWFM Final Code - Unlock all 5 bosses for play!

    Find the Hidden Key:

      In adventure mode, before you enter any of the doors, drive around until you find the imprisoned Merlin. To the left of the entranceway you'll find a spare yellow key.

    Play as Merlin:

      On the password screen, enter "MAGICIAN" as your password. You can now play as Merlin in any mode except Adventure mode.

    Easy Unlock 5 Bosses Code:

      On the password screen, enter "CAMELOT" as your password. You can now play as all 5 bosses. (Submitted by marklar)

    Access Merlin and First 4 Bosses:

      On the password screen, enter "MAGICIAN" as your password either before or after entering "CAMELOT". You can now play as Merlin and the first four bosses. To get the witch back, enter "FAVBRWFM". (Submitted by marklar)

Tempest 3000

Level # Password English Translation
17 MAMOG (n.) dam, sheep with young
19 DAFAD (n.) sheep; wart
21 GAFR (n.) goat
23 BUWCH (n.) cow
25 CWRW (n.) ale, beer
27 DEFAID see dafad above
29 YCHEN (n.) ox
31 LLAITH (n.) death, (adj.) damp, moist
33 ANIFAIL (n.) animal, beast
35 BWYSTFIL (n.) beast
37 CNAIF (n.) shearing, fleece
39 GWLANOEDD (n.) wool
41 HWRDD (n.) impulse, stroke
43 FFWR (n.) fur
45 CARNAU (n.) cairn, (n.) hoof; hilt, haft, handle
47 GWARTHEG (pl.) cows, cattle
49 CEILIAU (pl.) (n.) see "cail": sheepfold, flock of sheep
51 CLOREN (n.) rump, tail
53 CYMRAEG (n.) Welsh Language
55 CWMCYCH (n.) Welsh Town Yak mentions on site
57 PENCADER (n.) Welsh Town. Pen: head, top; cadair: seat or caer: fort
59 ALLTWALIS (n.) Welsh Town also known as Dyfed(?) or in Dyfed(?)
61 HESBIN (n.) yearling ewe
63 HWYL (n.) sail; humor; religious fervor
65 SAIS (n.) Saxon, Englishman
67 LLOEGR (n.) England
69 TYMESTL (n.) tempest, storm
71 GWLAD (n.) country, land
73 AFFLIW (n.) shred, particle
75 COCH (adj.) red
77 GWYRDD (adj.) green
79 GLAS (n.) blue
81 TAFARN (n.) tavern, pub, inn, public-house
83 BWCH (n.) buck
85 GORMOD (n., adj., adv.) too much, too many, excess
87 CROESO (n.) welcome, you're welcome
89 GWLANENNOG (adj.) woolly
91 TARW (n.) bull
93 CYFRIFIADUR (n.) computer
95 FFENESTRI (n.) window
97 LLYGODEN (n.) mouse
99 PINCFLOYD (n.) Pink Floyd
101 GWE (n.) web, texture
103 CHWARAE (n.) play
105 AERFA (n.) slaughter; battle
107 BREINTAL (n.) bonus, royalty
109 AFRWYDD (adj.) difficult, stiff, awkward, clumsy
111 POETH (adj.) hot; burning, ardent
113 NEWYDD (adj.) new, novel; fresh
115 BODIAU (n.) thumb; toe
117 BUGAIL (n.) shepherd, pastor
119 GWAITH (n.) time; work
121 LEFEL (n.) level
123 DRAIG (n.) dragon
125 HYFEDR (adj.) expert, skillful (skilful), clever, adroit
127 GORAU (adj.) best
129 NOSDAFLOSSIE Nose Of Flossie? - Access Algo Levels

    Near Invulnerability:

      CHUPACABRA (enter as your password): What it does is make your claw immune to damage/death by enemies touching you or their shots hitting you. This even includes the Coronary Thromboses' Platelets. The only deadly enemies at this point are Pulsars and Frank Zappers' lightning bolts.

Virtual Light Machine

    Fast Forward and Reverse MP3's (Samsung N501 Only):

      This trick requires a NUON controller with an Analog stick. Digital will not work.

      - Press and hold the "L" and "R" shoulder buttons
      - Move the analog stick all the way to the left
      - Release all buttons

      Now you can use the left and right C buttons (not the d-pad) on the controller to Fast Forward and Reverse. "A" returns to normal playback.

    Access Beat-Detection Debugging Tool (Samsung N501 Only):

      This trick requires a NUON controller with an Analog stick. Digital will not work.

      L+R+Analog Up: ON
      L+R+Analog Down: OFF

The following only works on N504 and it would work on a N505 and DRC300N if it had joystick support.

A single press on the right shoulder joystick button while in Power-Random or Time-Random mode will hold the current effect. Another button press will unlock the random mode.

A single press on the left shoulder joystick button will freeze the current analog joystick position (well of course not physically . Another button press will reset.

It has been verified that this works on an N505 with an added joystick port hack.

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