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How to Access NUON Features on Planet of the Apes

Broken Links (The statement from VM Labs):

apesth.jpg - 5257 BytesThere was a bug introduced in the current DVD production of Planet of the Apes discs. The link to the NUON features from the special features menu is broken.

The links and program features undergo extensive testing before being released to the studio for producion. The Planet of the Apes product was tested and released in proper working order but at some point parameters and links were changed before the disc was replicated. Due to currently imposed procedures, VM Labs does not have the ability to effect any changes to the product after submitting the release. We are in the process of trying to alter the procedures so that if an issue is introduced between the time of submission and the discs being replicated, the issues can be corrected.

An alert was issued upon receipt of the first replicated disc which immediately revealed the problem, a large number of discs had already been replicated. Although a change will be made to the next replication run, it will be some time before the correct version will become available.

The instructions shown below will allow the viewer to access all the NUON special features on the disc. We appologize for the extra effort that is required to access these features.

Accessing the NUON Enhanced Features on Planet of the Apes

Place the Planet of the Apes disc in your NUON enhanced DVD player. Note: the NUON features can only be accessed from a fresh disc load-- they will not work if accessed after watching the movie or peforming other tasks. When the disc starts loading, you should see the following screen (1). If you do not see "Loading NUON Features" screen, consult your player's user manual for help setting your player to "NUON Mode".

s1.jpg - 8839 Bytes

After the "Loading NUON Features" screen is complete, you will see the FBI warning screens, the rating screen, and a FOX DVD video promotion. You can skip the promotional video by pressing your player's appropriate "Menu" key. Either way you will arrive at the main menu screen as shown below. As soon as the main menu screen is displayed, (you will have about 15 seconds) highlight the "Chapter Selection" text (2) and hit enter or select. Note: if you do not make the selection right away and the menu video "loops", the NUON version of the Chapter Selection screen will not be loaded and it will not be possible to load the NUON features unless the disc is reloaded.

s2.jpg - 11742 Bytes

When you arrive at the NUON version of the Chapter Selection screen it will look similar to the screen shown below. To access the NUON features, highlight the "NUON Enhanced Features" text (3) and hit enter or select. Note: if you return to the "Main Menu" you will not be able to re-access the NUON features without reloading the disc.

s3.jpg - 16884 Bytes

You can select all the NUON features from the main NUON feature screen as shown below. If you select the "Main Menu" text (4) you will return to the main movie menu and you will not be able to re-access the NUON features without reloading the disc.

s4.jpg - 12557 Bytes

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