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Chat Transcript
Yappin With YaK

Session Start: Thu Jan 25 22:08:58 2001
[22:08] *** Now talking in #nuon-dome
[22:08] *** Topic is 'YaK in tha house! '
[22:08] *** Set by K3V on Thu Jan 25 22:10:52
[22:09] <BeefMan> can you tell us what res VLMon extiva is?
[22:09] <K3V> Greetz Mitsu
[22:09] *** Mitsuhiro is now known as Jagman
[22:09] <Jagman> Hello :))
[22:09] <paulx> Damn these bill collectors!
[22:09] <BeefMan> JAgman, are you really japanese?
[22:09] <Grundel> hi
[22:09] <Yak> VLM Extiva is 360x240
[22:09] <Jagman> now i'm on 2 different Irc's
[22:09] <Jagman> nope
[22:09] <Jagman> hehe
[22:09] <BeefMan> what about T3K?
[22:09] <Jagman> Hello Mr. Minter :)
[22:09] <K3V> Does the lower rez really make a difference on VLM?
[22:09] <Yak> Heya Jagman :-)
[22:09] <paulx> I think I'm turning japanese...
[22:09] <Yak> Same rez
[22:09] <BeefMan> VLM loks a lot higher than that especially on certian effects
[22:10] <BeefMan> wish i could remeber the one im talking about, mostly yellow
background with a blue dot in the center
[22:10] <Yak> Yeah, look at those liquid modes in even 180x120 on an 8-foot
screen and you *still* don't see the bloody pixels :-]
[22:10] <BeefMan> thats awesome
[22:10] <Yak> I find it hard to believe, but there it is
[22:11] <Yak> all that algo smoothing counts for a lot
[22:11] <BeefMan> would you notice on T3K if you did that?
[22:11] <Yak> Yeah, I *think* so... more emphasis on vectors... might be
interesting to try though
[22:11] <BeefMan> cool
[22:11] <BeefMan> didnt you code a voxel demofor the nuon?
[22:12] <Grundel> Nuon RPG with Voxels
[22:12] <K3V> Yeah, I'd like to see some of those demos...
[22:12] <BeefMan> yes
[22:12] <Yak> Naw... I did a voxel demo for the *Jag*, years ago, maybe you are
thinking of that
[22:12] <paulx> demos are good....
[22:12] <Jagman> Any game use voxels yet?
[22:12] *** Henry has joined #nuon-dome
[22:12] <paulx> Outcast
[22:12] <K3V> Yak are you going to be at E3 this year?
[22:12] <BeefMan> must be, who did the african dancer voxel demo?
[22:12] <Yak> I am unaware what might be in development... saw some nice voxel
tech demos a while ago
[22:12] <HolyWater> Welcome Henry
[22:13] * K3V welcomes Henry
[22:13] <paulx> hello
[22:13] <BeefMan> you think voxels would be feasible for a game on NUON?
[22:13] *** Henry is now known as HenryH
[22:13] <Yak> Would like to maybe work some voxels meself
[22:13] <HenryH> Hey all
[22:13] <Grundel> Yak, if they don't let developers know what other developers
are doing, then how do they make sure that work isn't duplicated?
[22:13] <Yak> Baa!
[22:13] <HenryH> Hey Yak, how are you?
[22:13] <paulx> What the hell are NURBS?
[22:13] <Yak> I am sure they let developers know what others are doing :-).
[22:14] <Grundel> NADS?
[22:14] <Yak> Hi HenryH, I'm fine thanx, hope you are too :-)
[22:14] <K3V> Nobody can talk about it tho heh
[22:14] <Jagman> Nurbs, arn't they a type of program 3D Studio uses?
[22:14] <HenryH> Thanks, I'm doing pretty good
[22:14] <BeefMan> Yak you should do a dvd menu applet for new nuon players
[22:14] <HenryH> Yak, do you have ICQ or Instant Message?
[22:14] <BeefMan> dvd menus yakly style
[22:14] <Grundel> Nurbs, isn't that a kind of candy
[22:14] -> [Yak] PING
[22:14] <Yak> I did some wicked crossfades for when you changed chapter on the
DVD, based on the Ripple nonlinear warp, and they never got used :-]
[22:15] <K3V> Toshiba wouldn't include YaK menus due to a fear of seziures
[22:15] <Jagman> so everybody is getting on this chat ok tonight?
[22:15] <BeefMan> haha KEv
[22:15] <Yak> No, no ICQ or anything like that
[22:15] <HolyWater> ;p;
[22:15] <Jagman> What is Toshiba's problem :)
[22:15] <BeefMan> would distract from your coding zone huh?
[22:15] <Grundel> Jagman, I am just using dIRC, and not the Java
[22:15] <K3V> Chat seems to be running OK tonight...I'm in Java
[22:15] <HenryH> Could you tell me a bit about game programming, and if it's
hard and all Yak?
[22:15] <Yak> Tosh just worried about the bloody Pokemon effect
[22:15] <Jagman> mIRC here
[22:15] <paulx> java here, no problems
[22:16] <Yak> looking at the Overdriven bank, I see their point ;-)
[22:16] <Grundel> I tried to get on with the Java like 8 times and it DIDN'T
[22:16] <HolyWater> java here been in here for hours
[22:16] <BeefMan> hehe, the overdriven bank is my fav
[22:16] <paulx> why worry? made a gazillion people sick, and still racked iin
billions of dollars for Nintendo.
[22:16] <BeefMan> really nice mix of colors
[22:16] <K3V> hehehe...yeah, I almost went into convulsions the first time I saw
Overdriven ;-)
[22:16] <Yak> Notionally it isn't that hard. The skill of programming is just
breaking down the idea into small enough parts you cam see how to code
[22:17] <HenryH> Does programming have a lot of math stuff?
[22:17] <Yak> the hard part is in design though, getting it all to "feel" right
[22:17] *** AgentX has joined #nuon-dome
[22:17] <Yak> Naw, I'm crap at math.
[22:17] <Jagman> hello Sal
[22:17] <K3V> Greetz AgentX :-)
[22:17] <Yak> If you can count up to F you'll be OK ;-)
[22:17] <Grundel> HenryH, coding is something you need to devote alot of time
to, but you might as well give it a shot
[22:17] <BeefMan> really me too, if Yak can code and be crappy at match there is
hope for me
[22:17] <HenryH> So I could program games with no math?
[22:17] <BeefMan> match = math
[22:17] <AgentX> Atari Gamer Entering NUON Territory...X!
[22:17] <Grundel> Less math than you think
[22:17] <AgentX> :)
[22:17] <AgentX> Hi Jagman!
[22:17] <AgentX> Hi Kev!
[22:18] <K3V> Don't you know you have to be good at Math to know how to use
computers? That's what all my teachers told me!
[22:18] <Yak> You need arithmetic, but not a lot more, to be able to code stuff
like Robotron
[22:18] <Grundel> Some Math, not all math
[22:18] <Grundel> Like Algebra
[22:18] <HenryH> Howcome everyone says that programming requires math?
[22:18] <BeefMan> Yak, do you know anyone that has gotten past level 128 on T3K
[22:18] <AgentX> Wow, Yak is in the house! Hi, Jeff!
[22:18] <Yak> Then "second derivatives" - things like rate of change - to be
able to simulate effects like gravity
[22:18] <paulx> because they are afraid of you attaining your true destiny!!!
[22:19] <Yak> I did, in test ;-)
[22:19] <BeefMan> tight
[22:19] <BeefMan> did you use warp?
[22:19] <Jagman> so you guys are stuck at lvl 128? :)
[22:19] <Grundel> I wrote a game, and all I know is algebra, used x y coordinate
[22:19] <BeefMan> im on level 125
[22:19] <Yak> anyway guys... it's half 2 here and I really should be off to
[22:19] <AgentX> Ah, I'm not even halfway there yet.
[22:20] <Yak> vlmEd in the morning ;-)
[22:20] <HenryH> How much fo average game programmers work?
[22:20] <paulx> nighty night
[22:20] <BeefMan> thanks for stopping by Yak!
[22:20] <K3V> Hehe...I just posted to the NUON Forum that you were here Yak
[22:20] <Jagman> Night Yak!
[22:20] <AgentX> I'm still hovering around 60 or 61.
[22:20] <Grundel> The Teachers think that computers are machines for doing math,
that is what they started out at back in the 1940s
[22:20] <HenryH> Ack, I mean how much do average game programmers make?
[22:20] <Jagman> cool cow pick btw
[22:20] <Jagman> :))
[22:20] <AgentX> Have a good night, Yak!
[22:20] <K3V> Night Yak!
[22:20] <Yak> Okay... I'll stop by other times :-)
[22:20] <BeefMan> hope we can chat agian soon
[22:20] <paulx> give a heads up?
[22:20] <HolyWater> Night Yak maybe we shall come to see you in the summer
[22:20] <K3V> You're always welcome man
[22:20] <HolyWater> ;)
[22:20] <HolyWater> go to the pub
[22:20] <BeefMan> that would be tight
[22:20] <Yak> whassup Henry? One more thing before I go?
[22:21] <BeefMan> what is drinking age in england?
[22:21] <Grundel> Sleep Well
[22:21] <HenryH> Yeah, how much do average game programmers make each year?
[22:21] <Yak> Pub's long closed now :-]
[22:21] <HenryH> Like money wise?
[22:21] <BeefMan> pub out of business?
[22:21] <Jagman> billions
[22:21] <Yak> IDK, I am for sure not an average game programmer. I'm bloody
cheap ;-].
[22:21] <Yak> Naw, just too late for the pub :-)
[22:21] <HolyWater> lol
[22:21] <HenryH> Do you make at least 100,000 a year?
[22:21] <BeefMan> bloody good though
[22:22] <Yak> A mit less than that, in dollars
[22:22] <HenryH> Oh yeah, my birthday is this Sat. and I want a NUON
[22:22] <K3V> Not according to EGM Paul ;-)
[22:22] <HenryH> I'll only be 13 this Saturday
[22:22] <Jagman> hehe
[22:22] <BeefMan> EGM sucks ass
[22:22] <Yak> Anyway... I cya soon guys... have a good night :-).
[22:22] <Jagman> I want Gamefan back L:)
[22:22] <HolyWater> a f EGM
[22:22] <Jagman> laters
[22:22] <HenryH> I'm the only young NUON fan
[22:22] <BeefMan> night
[22:22] <Yak> Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
[22:22] <K3V> Later bro
[22:22] <HolyWater> BYE YAK
[22:22] *** Yak has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited )

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