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Holy crap, it's an update.

I know, I know, it's been far too long since the last NUON-Dome update. There are a number of factors contributing to that, a busy personal life and a general lack of NUON developments being the most prominent factors. But I'm going to try to get back into the swing, hopefully starting with a new content management system so I can update the site with relative ease. But enough of my excuses, let's get to the goods:

NUON Video Blog

Leave it to Scott at DragonShadow to guilt me into an update. Much to my suprise I found a link to this YouTube video in my email this morning:

Through DragonShadow Industries, Scott has decided bring us a series of NUON video blogs throughout the year. In this first entry, he explains the concept behind the project, makes excuses for not keeping up with his NUON stuff (like me, see above), and then gives his thanks to us, the NUON community. I won't spoil it by spelling it out here, but I will say I am very honored with Scott's gesture and provide much thanks to him for his acknowledgement of NUON-Dome.

Keep an eye on the Video Blog Page at the DragonShadow website for updates and future episodes.

Disc Read Error Fix for Samsung N501, N504 and N505

It's with that feeling of thanks that I post T_T's guide to fixing the faulty DVD drive in your Samsung N501, N504 or N505 NUON DVD player. It's a simple but ingenious fix that involves swapping out a drive from a similar Samsung DVD player. Click here to check it out, and for future reference it will be on the Info Page. Thanks again T_T!


Creating NUON-Enhanced DVDs

Did you ever wonder how movie studios created those NUON features that appeared in NUON-enhanced DVD movies? Well in order to author NUON DVDs, a special toolkit was required, called "NUON Composer Kit." A set of documentation for this kit has surfaced which covers system setup, NUON apps and content creation. You can download the .pdf file here (964 KB) to read up on how studios created these short-lived features in their DVDs.


We're Back!

After a few weeks of downtime caused by a server crash, NUON-Dome is back! Hopefully you guys didn't panic too bad, I did get a few emails and PM's asking if the site was gone for good, but thankfully that wasn't the case. So, welcome back and hopefully that will be the end of our techical difficulties for a while.

Since the site has been down, DragonShadow released their latest version of Yaroze Classics which includes the brand-new port of BreakDown to NUON. Be sure to download (3.8 MB) that and give it a go. The game even allows for online high-score ranking so get in on that too.

Scott at DragonShadow announced that his next Yaroze to NUON project will be a game called Robot Ron, which looks to be a Robotron-style shooter. A welcome addition to the NUON library I must say. Check out some screenshots of it here and follow along with the DragonShadow NUON game development diary at their website.


BreakDown Announced by DragonShadow for NUON

A slight detour from his original plan to create something completely new for his next NUON project, Scott over at DragonShadow Industries recently announced that he got permission to port another original Yaroze title to NUON. Once again utilizing the library built during the port of Decaying Orbit, the game undergoing the transition this time is BreakDown by Chris Wallace.

Scott reports that the port is progressing much faster than the previous games, the screens you see below are running on NUON hardware after only 3 or 4 hours worth of work:


DragonShadow Releases Yaroze Classics!

After about a years worth of part-time development, DragonShadow Industries has completed work on porting the orignal Sony Playstation Yaroze games Invs and Katapila to NUON. The two games have been released as a singled download utilizing a new and improved Boot Loader, with the whole package being called Yaroze Classics.

In addition to the Yaroze Classics release today, a contest has also been announced where you are challenged to come up with all new in-game sound effects for Invs! The winner will receive a signed NUON Games & Demos disc and have their sounds immortalized in a future version of the Yaroze Classics collection.

As for future projects, Skah_T over at DragonShadow says that he "will be cleaning up the new boot loader and sprite lib for release in addition to handling the contest (see my site). After all that is over I will start on a brand new project. I will revisit the YC collection from time to time to add games, but for now I want to do something new."

To download Yaroze Classics or for more details on the sound-creation contest, head on over to the DragonShadow Industries website!


New Game Release: Sheshell's Sea Adventure

Jason just sent over a completed version of Sheshell's Sea Adventure for me to share with everyone on the site, so here it is!

Just head over to the Sheshell page in the Downloads section to grab a copy for yourself. I'm sure he'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the game as well, so be sure to post any thoughts/feedback to the forums. Have fun!


VGXPO Photo Gallery

Well the VGXPO has now passed and it was a great time. People really seemed to enjoy playing the new games, particularly Katapila which addicted more than a few people. It's definitely one of those "just one more try" kind of games. I met up with a few NUON fans, such as JimV, Jason (& family), and others from various forums around the 'net. I also got to meet Ralph Baer, the father of videogames, bought some goodies and hung out with the Stooges.

I've got a photo gallery together with all my pics from the show. You can check them out here. Big thanks to Scott, Steve and Terance for holding down the table with me, and to Skah_T and Jason for getting the new games whipped into shape in time for the show. Everyone will be in for a real treat when they get released!


New NUON Game Revealed - Screenshots and Naming Contest!

Update: Deadline for entries is 11:59 PM this Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Jason wants to have the new name in place before the VGXPO on Friday so this will give him enough time to work it in there. So get moving if you come up with any last-minute ideas!

Jason has sent along a few screenshots of his new NUON game, under the working title of Meeteeva. He says they're not particularly fond of the title and suggested that maybe someone from the community could come up with something better. So I proposed that we should have a "Name the Game" contest and I will put up an autographed copy of NUON Games + Demos up as a prize for whoever comes up with the winning name that they pick. So check out the screenshots, come up with something creative and submit your answer in the forums. The game is a shoot-em-up with a unique look, as you can see by the shots below. Jason will also be at the VGXPO so you can try out the game for yourself and ask him any questions you may have regarding the game or programming for the NUON platform.

Forums Update: 10/27/05

Good news! We've got a temporary forum setup over on, availabile by clicking here. I'll update the links in the header later (update: all header links should now point to the new forums) so they'll all lead to the new forums from all the pages on the site. You will have to re-register to post there, or you can post as Unregistered and put in your old username. But at least we've now got a place to talk about VGXPO and the new games, etc. See you over there!

Site Status & VGXPO Update: 10/26/05

Ok, the main site should be available for everyone now, but unfortunately we have been unable to contact Chile over at VisualCues to get him to update the DNS servers on his site. So right now the forums are still down. The Helper and I are working towards a temporary, and perhaps inevitably, permanent solution.

In regards to VGXPO, I just got word from N-D forum member Jason that a new, previously-unknown NUON game will make its debut at our table at VGXPO! I haven't seen anything of it yet, but I'm supposed to get some screenshots to post soon. All I know so far is that it's "a simple sprite-based shoot-'em-up." I will demo the game at our table and Jason plans on being there as well, so hopefully he'll answer a few questions for ya.

Skah_T also sent me the lastest build Invs a few days ago, and I'm happy to report that it's running smoothly and is really a fun and addictive game. I don't think you guys will be disappointed with this one.

Site Status Update: 10/20/05

The DNS servers for NUON-Dome have been changed and are currently propogating out. Visualcues, the site that hosts our forums, is having the same problem so until their DNS servers get update the forums (and the usual front-page news) will be unavailable. In the meantime, I will post the information about VGXPO here on the main page. N-D is now listed on the Exhibitors Page so I guess we're official :) The show is just three weeks away so get ready! Oh, and you can check out the Invs/Katapila display sheet that will be up on table right here.

November 12 and 13, Philadelphia PA

NUON-Dome is heading back to Philly again this year, to the show formerly known as PhillyClassic - VGXPO. This time around I will be bringing along the 3D Stooges, authors of Gorf 3D/Pluz/Classic for multiple platforms including the Jaguar and NUON. We'll all be sharing a table in the Non-Profit/Collector area so stop by the Fort Washington Expo Center and check out what we'll be showing off. Here's a sample of what you can look forward to! (for more info on the show, click here )

Visitors to the table will also have a chance to win an autographed copy of the NUON Games+Demos disc!

Invs and Katapila - new NUON games in development by DragonShadow Industries

Gorf Classic for the Jaguar CD by 3D Stooges

Mad Bodies for the Jaguar by Force Design

Mighty Frog by Force Design

More to come - stay tuned!

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