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by zGames

Type: Online Card Game
# of players: 1-?
Levels: n/a
Release: ?

zGames is about to revolutionize card playing! With zCards, you can actually see your friends as you play cards. Look at them! Wave at them! With zCards it is easy to interact.


  • Balloon Chat
  • Wacky Animation
  • Multiple Characters
  • Popular Card Games
  • Internet Play

zGames is bringing the first online-playable game for NUON in zCards. Featuring multiple card games such as Spades, Hearts and Euchre along with additional games, zCards looks to be a decent way to pass the time with friends. Their website states "zGames is an innovator in the realm of casual interactive gaming, committed to creating entertaining games and immersive experiences for the casual gamer using the latest technology available.", and this certainly seems to be the case with zCards. A game aimed squarely at the many who love to play Yahoo! parlor games and such.

zcards1.gif - 51693 Bytes

zcards2.gif - 15403 Bytes

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