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Star Trek Invasion
by Activision

Type: 3D Space Shooter
# of players: 1-2
Levels: 20

The Borg are stomping through Klingon space on their way, apparently, towards the Federation. It's up to you and your Red Squad team to spearhead Starfleet's efforts to combat the Borg. Ambassador Worf is drafted in to aid your adventure aboard the U.S.S. Typhon, a new prototype vessel.

As you play the game, new storyline elements are unfolded and the player finds that the borg are not here for the Federation, but something much bigger...

stisymbol.gif - 21138 BytesFeatures:

  • Over 20 missions with compelling mission objectives. As players progress through the game they will be challenged to complete a multitude of mission objectives that require stealth, pursuit, evasion, retrieving and preservation.

  • All new advanced graphics engine. A visually stunning detailed game, Star Trek Invasion boasts unbelievable graphics and special effects plus streaming in-game movies which allow players to view their victories as well as receive communications briefings.

  • Multi-Player action via split screen. Play against a friend or cooperatively in five different arenas.

  • Star Trek Universe Elements. Encounter classic Star Trek life forms and vessels - Klingons, Borg, Romulans, plus fly multiple vessels including new ships approved by Paramount. Additionally the game features Michael Dorn and Patrick Stewart..

Screenshots are from the Playstation Version
sti2.jpg - 23448 Bytes

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