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by Oritron

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Type: NUON-Enhanced DVD Player
Release Date: Mid 2001
Pack-in: ?
MSRP: $200

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  • Format : 360mm
  • Panel : Quartz
  • Keys : 7
  • OSD : English/Oritron
  • Display : No
  • SVHS : No
  • Video RCA : 2
  • Pro-Logic RCA : 2
  • Dolby Digital RCA : No
  • Digital Out RCA : Yes
  • Optical Out : No
  • Voltage : AC 90-270 Volts
  • Karaoke : No
  • Jog / Shuttle : Keys
  • Panel Switch : Standby

For Immediate Release
January 5, 2001

Orient Power Multimedia Adopts VM Labs NUON Technology to Deliver Oritron Interactive DVD Players to North American and European Markets

Consumer Electronics Show/Las Vegas, NV--(BUSINESS WIRE)----VM Labs, Inc. and Orient Power Multimedia, Ltd. announced today that they have signed an agreement aimed at delivering NUONÔ enhanced DVD players into the key US and European markets throughout the year 2001 and beyond. Orient Power Multimedia, Ltd, a major supplier to virtually all the major national United States consumer electronics retail outlets, has established a respectable market position and share in DVD players in the last 18 months. The first Oritron branded NUON enhanced DVD player is scheduled for shipment in mid 2001 with a target retail price below US$200.

"This is an important agreement to us," said Richard Miller, CEO and founder of VM Labs. "In a very short period of time, Orient Power has proved that they have the ability to deliver high volumes of quality products into our key markets at attractive price-points. We anticipate this relationship to significantly increase our installed base, bringing a superior DVD entertainment experience into even more homes

Orient Power Multimedia, Ltd., a subsidiary of Orient Power Holdings, Ltd. (Hong Kong stock code 615), supplies a wide range of video and audio consumer electronics products to the US and European markets both under the brand name Oritron, and under OEM contract to third-party brands. Orient Power has developed a reputation as a quality manufacturer, delivering technologically innovative consumer electronic products to the markets its serves. The adoption of NUONÔ embedded technology across a range of their DVD players marks a significant milestone in their push to become a household name in the United States and Europe.

John Rowe, Managing Director at Orient Power Multimedia, commented, "This alliance with VM Labs takes the Oritron brand to the next level. As an interactive DVD solution, NUON provides a range of features unavailable in competing decoder products. NUON offers one ofthe most extensive DVD feature-set on the market. As we extend and grow our OEM business, we will also offer these products to our third-party customers."

The first NUON enhanced Oritron DVD player, the Oritron DVD900, is being demonstrated at CES January 6-9, 2001, in VM Labs booth N223.

About Orient Power Holdings Limited:

Orient Power is a global supplier of consumer electronics including home and in-car entertainment and communication devices -since 1984. The Group is fully integrated with operations in design, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. The operations are currently located in China, Hong Kong and the USA. The Group reported profit attribute to shareholders of HK$53 million, a 75% increase over the prior year, and sales revenue of HK$3,100 million for the period of 12 months ended December 1999

About NUON:

NUON is the technology behind the next generation of home video entertainment products. The powerful NUON media processor supports leading entertainment formats such as Dolby, MP3 and MPEG, improving the consumer experience with 128 bit processing. The NUON architecture provides the flexibility to support real-time upgrades for emerging content formats, as well as the digital rights management necessary for content providers. NUON transforms broadband set-tops and DVD players into total interactive entertainment systems with powerful movie playback features, NUON videogames and NUON enhanced movies. NUON can be found today in leading entertainment products including broadband set-top boxes from Motorola and DVD players from Samsung and Toshiba.

NUON is a trademark of VM Labs, Inc. For more information about VM Labs or NUON, or to download artwork, please visit the website at

About VM Labs:

VM Labs is the developer and licensor of the NUONÔ broadband entertainment platform, with applications including emerging broadband set-tops as well as cutting edge DVD players. The Company licenses its embedded semiconductor and software technologies to leading consumer electronics manufacturers, while licensing NUON authoring systems to movie and music studios, and interactive software publishers. VM Labs is a privately held company with offices in Mountain View, California, and Tokyo, Japan.


Contact for VM Labs Incorporated:
Bender/Helper Impact
Linda Meyers
(415) 391 2994

Lee Hall
(770) 879 8970

Contact for Orient Power Multimedia Limited:
Mr. John Rowe
(852) 2773 5555

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