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Samsung DVD-N501 Firmware Update

Samsung N501 Update - Archived from the Samsung Electronics Website

Thank you for selecting the Samsung N501 DVD Player. As part of Samsung's on-going commitment to quality, from time to time firmware updates may be made available to restore your player to the very latest operating status.

Fixed in this version:

1. Audio/video sync problem experienced with certain movies.
2. Other miscellaneous minor issues

What version do you have?
(If your player's version is 50 or less, it needs to be upgraded)

To determine if you should upgrade your player's firmware, you should first determine if a newer version exists. To check your player's current firmware version please follow the instructions below.

1. Turn your player on WITHOUT any software in the disc tray.
2. You will see "loading" appear in the upper right corner followed by "no disc".
3. Press the and buttons on the front panel at the same time.

You will be presented with a screen providing information similar to the following:


While it is fully expected that creating your own update disc and flashing the programmable memory in your Samsung N501 DVD player will be successful, note that it is not guaranteed without following the warning noted below.
If you had read the warning and are ready to upgrade, please select one of the formats below for download and follow the directions.

ISO format For CD-R authoring software such as Easy CD Creator or other programs that recognize ISO images. Unzip the file and double click on the ISO image. Your CD-R authoring software if compatible will start. If this does not work use the file and method below.

File Format Unzip this file and you will have a folder called NUON with another file named NUON.CD inside of it. Using your CD-R authoring software create a data disc that has this NUON folder and NUON.CD file on it. You do not need to name the CD.


The following events may interrupt the upgrade process and may result in permanent damage to the player:

1. Unplugging the power cord
2. Power Outage
3. Dirt or scratches in the disc
4. Any other warnings to be added (e.g. reset operation - power button is pressed for two seconds or more, etc).

Please contact the Samsung service center at 1-800-726-7864 in case of update failure.
All the errors happened during the update can be covered by the Samsung warranty.

Instructions after you have created the update disc:

1. Make sure player is connected to the TV. Turn player and TV power on.
2. Insert the update disc you created and close disc drawer. If your player does not need to be updated, following message will be displayed on your TV screen. "This DVD player does not require upgrading"
3. Unless, update will progress automatically. Update status will be displayed on-screen and on the player's front panel display.
4. Upon completion, the disc will eject and the power will turn off.
5. Normal operation of the player will be resumed.


Your player has the most recent firmware available. There is no update available for your player at this time. Please check back for any future updates.Be sure to maintain this notice with your owner's manual for future reference.

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