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PC Port NUON Game

Source Code

A port of the open-source Doom code for the PC, as a demo in the early days of VM Labs/NUON. As such, it is highly unoptomized, and the framerate is low.

Don't bother trying any other wad files, as only the official shareware "doom1.wad" with a file size of 4196020 bytes will work.

This is the first open NUON game to exceed the 4.5MB limit, thanks to a new library that that allows games to read data from CD at runtime.

You can download a recompiled version for Aries 3 NUON DVD players here. It's just the NUON.CD file so you'll need to include the wad file from the original download. This version takes advantage of the faster Aries 3 processor found in the RCA and Samsung N504/N505 players to achieve a higher framerate.

Readme File:

Burning tips: Drag the NUON.CD and doom1.wad files into the root directory of an ISO9660 compliant CDR or CD/RW and close/finalize the disc. For assistance with burning NUON.CD files to CD-R, please read the guide.

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