October 2002

Store Update - New NUON Merchandise
10/28/2002 by K3V

We're pleased to announce a new lineup of NUON themed products in our NUON-Dome Store. Featuring all-new designs such as "The Claw" "Reason Enough" and "VLM Addict," you can show your NUON fanaticism with style.

All purchases help keep NUON-Dome up and running, so show your support and get a cool new Sweatshirt, T-Shirt, mug, etc in the process. Thank you!

Starfield Demo
10/26/2002 by K3V

As promised, here's a new demo from Stephen Anderson. Controls are:

C-up - increase sprite count by 1
C-right - increase sprite count by 10
c-down - decrease sprite count by 1
c-left - decrease sprite count by 10

It will also run on the emulator using the keys 3,R,E,W. If there is interest, Stephen has offered to post the source code, and can write a tutorial on how the code was setup, and exactly what each section is doing. Email Stephen with your comments/questions/etc!

Breakout Playable on NUON Emulator
10/17/2002 by K3V

A new version of Breakout has been released that is playable on the NUON Emulator.

Here is an excerpt from the readme:

- the emu runs this game SLOWLY.
- During main gameplay, the emulator is only rendering the game at 5FPS.
- (real machine is locked in at 60FPS).
- Also keep in mind that the emulator doesn't run at realspeed.
- My 750MHz Thunderbird runs the emu quite slow.

- Copy the breakout.cof file into the emu directory.
- Enter "breakout.cof" into the filename field of the emulator.
- Press "Load COFF".
- Press "Start MPE".
- Press "Run".
You can download the Emu version of Breakout here, and be on the lookout for some new graphical demos from Stephen here on NUON-Dome in the near future.

It's that time of the year again...
10/12/2002 by K3V

Well I just got notification that my current host is no longer interested in keeping N-D onboard for various reasons, so I need to start looking around for hosting options again. This time, though, I'm going to most likely suck it up and start paying for services since I'm sick of downtimes, moving around, etc.

I'm seriously looking at POE Hosting as they have some great prices. I'm open to suggestions, though, should anyone have any better potential solutions. Thanks for any input you may have.

You can drop me an email or post a note in the forums with any thoughts.


N501's for $69.99
10/10/2002 by K3V

SmartBargains.com has a great deal on Samsung DVD-N501's - they're only $79.99 with a flat $6.95 shipping rate. Unfortunately they do not ship outside of the US, but they "are currently working on finding ways to ship our products to more countries soon."

Click here to get right to the N501's listing, or here to learn more about their policies and procedures.

UPDATE: The price has dropped an additional $10, bringing it to $69.99.

New DVD Glitches Added
10/6/2002 by K3V

The DVD Glitches Page has a few new additions, Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction - both of which suffer from Disc 2 problems. Luckily, both can be resolved with the stop, restart technique used on other DVD's with a similar problem.