July 2003

7/11/2003 by K3V

Today I decided to do some house cleaning and update some bits of the site that I've been meaning to for a while now. Rather than babble on about what got done, here's a nice, handy list:

*Phew* Ok, that only leaves one hardware item without a page of information/pictures and that's the Samsung N504. Does a lucky European out there care to take some pictures and/or write up a review? :)

I do plan on getting more information up on the DRC480N as I ended up buying one for myself, but that will have to wait for the time being. Enjoy the updates!

Note: New URL for N-D Forums
7/7/2003 by K3V

Please update your bookmarks if you've got one pointing directly at the NUON-Dome forums. The new URL is:


The forum software was upgraded and as a result the URL has changed. It's now forumdisplay.php instead of forumdisplay.php3 Thanks!

NUON Articles in MyAtari
7/6/2003 by K3V

The current issue of MyAtari Magazine features two articles on NUON, the first of which gives a quick history lesson on the DVD players, movies and games released in the NUON format. You can read the article, titled "NUON be Good?" right here.

The second article, titled "NUON Experience" is a report from Thomas Wellicome after playing an N504 and some games for the first time at JagFest UK. Overall he seemed to enjoy his time spent with the system, so head on over and read for yourself!

"Coding Day" for DSI - New Decaying Orbit Release
7/3/2003 by K3V

Skah_T over at DragonShadow Industries has proclaimed 7/3/03 to be "Coding Day" and will be posting updates to the site throughout the day as per his progress on various NUON projects. Chomp seems to be up first, as the first news of the day indicates, but Decaying Orbit is likely to follow.

So keep an eye on the site throughout the day for the latest on two great NUON homebrew games.

Update: Looks like a pretty productive day on the Decaying Orbit front, and the game has a new release. DO now chugs along at a respectable 30 FPS and has a level editor (go here for instructions on how to use the editor). Though the game currently crashes after the first level, you can at least get a feel for the play mechanics and mess around in the editor and help screens.