November 2002

Site Transfer in Progress
11/19/2002 by K3V

Just a heads up for NUON-Dome readers, we are in the process of changing servers so the main site may be unavailable for 48 hours or so. In the meantime, the Forums will still be available since they are hosted separately from the main site.

Thanks for your patience during the transition!

Get Tempest 3000 and Merlin Racing for $10
11/12/2002 by K3V

The Goat Store is running a special on NUON games, where you can get Merlin Racing and Tempest 3000 for $10! Head over to their Specials Page to get in on the deal.

Update: They're all gone folks, sorry!

First NUON Poster Available
11/10/2002 by K3V

The first of (at least) three NUON-related posters is now available through the NUON-Dome Store. This first poster features the Merlin Racing box art and screenshots, as seen here. It's available in two sizes either Large (35.0" x 23.0") or Small (20.0" x 13.0").

Long-sleeve T-shirts and sweatshirts are also on sale at the store and remember, if you want a different design on any of the products, just let me know. Thanks!

Prototype Box Photos
11/9/2002 by K3V

A new collection of photos has been added to the Misc. section of the Media Page - images of prototype NUON software boxes. These were developed for trade shows as an example of how the NUON line of products would look.

Hit the image to the right or click here to check them out!

More Decaying Orbit Progress
11/3/2002 by K3V

DragonShadow Industries recently posted an update on their progress on porting Decaying Orbit to NUON, and included an updated file that you can check out for yourself. The site says "There's still not much to show, but at least it gets to the title screen (press START from there and it will crash). There are some strange green lines that show up in the "D" and "O" of the title. It's probably related to the fact that they are scaled up, but I don't know if it's my problem or the sprite library's. It's definitely not the same problem that I just fixed above."

Here's where you can grab the file, and head over to the DragonShadow site to keep up on the latest news on Decaying Orbit!