January 2002

Interview with TransACT - Streamaster 5000, TransACT and NUON in Australia
1/28/2002 by K3V

Thanks to Marcus Schmerl (skip from the NUON Forums), we now have an interview conducted with the Geoff Harris, Manager of Corporate Communications for TransACT Communications, a telco based in Australia. This Q&A took place in June of 2001, when they were just beginning to test-market the Motorola Streamaster in parts of Australia. Click here to check it out.

More Region Hack Details
1/26/2002 by K3V

Just had a few more bits of information in regards to the Region Hack posted yesterday drop into the old mailbox from Darrell Jones. He tested the hack out using the remote from his Aiwa 3 CD home stereo (Model RC-7AS06) and can confirm it does work. He also discovered the following:

Shift + 8 - Cold Start Region Menu
(May be a way to change start up region by DVD inserted into the player)

Shift + 3 - Joystick Test (Test to see if a control in port 1 or 2)

Region Hack Found!
1/25/2002 by K3V

Here's a region code hack for the N501 that apparently works with the N2000 and the N705 as well. The English is a bit broken but is decipherable. I've yet to confirm it personally, but if anyone does this successfully, please let me know! Here goes:

Use an Aiwa Hifi Remote Control...
1. Turn on the N-501 (without any DVD on the player)
2. Wait until in the TV appears \"No Disc\"
3. Open the tray and put a DVD from other region (not zone 1), don\'t close the tray!!!.
4. On the remote control of the Aiwa press the \"Clock\" button, in some remote control you must do a button combination like \"Shift+9\" (Is the combination to see the clock, do the combination fast), and in other model of Aiwa remote control doesn\'t appear the clock button, you must try with the \"random\" button.
5. If you do it right, in the corner of TV where appears \"No Disc\" will be say \"Region Free\", in the Player Screen say \"ADJUST\" and the tray must close, and you are ready to enjoy the movie on your player.
6. your DVD is now REGION FREE until you turn it off, while you don\'t turn it off, you can change movies whatever times you want.if you turn it off, every time you turn it on, you must ! do! all the steps again to be able to see other region movies.



Sorry my english.
I live in Chile (zone 4) and the DVD N-501 Nuon is zone 1,and i own a N-501 zone 1 that i bought in the USA.
My brother bought an Aiwa NSX200, i use the remote control of the Aiwa(model RC-AAS11),I turned on the player and press the "Clock" (in the nsx200 remote is Shift+9, do it fast, almost at the same time)(i tried with another Aiwa HiFi remote and it work too) button on the "Aiwa Remote Control", in the front panel say "ADJUST" and the drawer pops open, and on the tv appears "Region Free" in the left-up corner, Just for a little moment, then i put a DVD zone 4 that i rent (Aliens) and it work, i tried with a DVD Zone 3, and also works ***AWESOME!!!.
The only problem that you need to do this every time that you turn off and on the DVD player
It's a little annoying, but the reward is huge...
Also works with N709 (only that N709 is PAL) and Extiva N2000, i tried with those too, and it works!!! !

Contest Winners Announced!
1/21/2002 by K3V

Congratulations to Brian Gentile and dcdean, winners of the "Build Levels for Tetris" contest. Each will receive a copy of The Next Tetris for NUON and will have their levels featured in PacMan (along with the rest of the contestants).

Even though the contest is over, feel free to continue to submit levels for PacMan - we've got over 30 levels now so let's keep it going. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

PacMan Update - Version 1.12
1/16/2002 by K3V

Stephen Anderson has really been cranking out the code, tweaking and modifying PacMan constantly - so here's the latest version. What's new:

  • Fixed the eat ghost & power pellet at same time bug.
  • Tweaked the ghost speed settings, made ghost speed increase more gradual.
  • We now have 5 colored ghosts!
  • Fixed bug in the extra life handler. It should now work as follows :
    1st extra @ 10,000
    2nd extra @ 22,000
    3rd extra @ 34,000 etc.
  • Even more levels - 27 in total now
  • New "Paused" logo
  • Eliminated a bug that had "leftover" ghosts when restarting the game.
  • Source code is now available, but will be trimmed down, cleaned up and more commented for the next release.
Download PacMan v1.12 or the Source

PacMan Version 1.1 Now Available
1/14/2002 by K3V

PacMan for NUON v1.1 is released. What's included:

  • Modified controls - They are now mapped to the "C-group" on NUON game controllers for increased responsiveness. Can no longer control the game via your DVD player remote.
  • 16 new levels, 15 from the NUON-Dome contest
  • Pause feature implemented
  • New title screen, tweaked graphics and audio.
  • Removed bugs in the original code, such as lockups when eating 2 power pellets, eating a power pellet and ghost simultaneously, etc...
  • Increased gameplay speed
  • Complete source code will accompany the next release, as it's being cleaned up and comments are being added.
  • CD Cover art included in the .zip file to print and make your CD case spiffy :)
Download PacMan for NUON v1.1!

Buckaroo Banzai Easter Eggs
1/14/2002 by K3V

Just in case the NUON and other special features packed into the Buckaroo Banzai DVD weren't enough for you, it seems the folks behind this disc decided to pack a whole lot of easter egg goodies for you to uncover. Among them are a selection of quotes from Dr. Banzai, 36 alternate DVD menu designs, an article called "Food from the Skies?" and a video clip of W.D. Richter called "Why?".

Consult the Buckaroo Banzai FAQ for all the details on how to access these Easter Eggs. They will be archived on the Movies Page for future reference as well.

Win a copy of The Next Tetris!
1/10/2002 by K3V

Two copies of The Next Tetris for NUON are up for grabs, and you can get your hands on one if you're chosen as a winner in our Build Levels for Tetris Contest. Visit that page for details on how to construct a level for the next release of Pac Man for NUON, so you get your shot at TNT!

Note to NUON PacMan level creators: Constructing the levels in Notepad produces the best results. Good luck!

Yak "Out On His Arse"
1/4/2002 by K3V

Yak finally breaks his silence on his situation with NUON and VM Labs, as he's posted an update to his site which reveals that he is definitely no longer with VM Labs, and is left without a job, and thus no income. The good part of this is his commitment to resurrect Llamasoft and will be bringing out new games using a shareware-esque business model. The official site will be http://www.llamasoft.co.uk/, so be on the lookout for that and make sure you support your local Yak!

The entire story can be read right here. Best of luck to you from NUON-Dome, Jeff!

Buckaroo Hits the Streets
1/2/2002 by K3V

buckarooth.jpg - 11166 BytesMGM's first DVD featuring NUON-enhancements has hit stores and reportedly even features a sticker on the front highlighting the NUON features. You can check out a review of the DVD here, or pick yourself up a copy from Amazon.com right here. Look for box/insert scans soon!

Update: Scans of the front (with sticker) and the back of the DVD case are now up. You can view them on the Media Page or use these links: Front Scan Back Scan

Planet of the Apes Easter Eggs
1/1/2002 by K3V

Two easter eggs for the Planet of the Apes DVD have been added to the Movies Page. One allows you to view the DVD Credits, while the other is for an "ape commentary." Thanks to dvdeastereggs.com

NUON Hits Canada
1/1/2002 by K3V

According to this Press Release, and a few reports on the 'Net, Samsung has officially launched their first NUON-enhanced DVD player to the Canadian market. But, rather than getting a variation of the N501 that most other markets seem to be getting, Canada is getting the DVD-N2000. User reports indicate that Future Shop is carrying the N2000 in-store, though it is not up on their website as of this writing.