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The main philosophy behind the game is to combine the instant playability of a well balanced arcade type shooter with highly impressive 3D visuals, fully utilizing the potential of the latest graphics hardware, high end rendering software and advanced programming techniques.

Based on our sophisticated 3D technology and an optimized ingame video playback engine, this game will combine up to one hour of pre-rendered full motion video with realtime texture mapped polygon graphics at a constantly high framerate. Rendered and realtime graphics match perfectly together, resulting in a stunning gaming experience and a definite showcase title for the Project X architecture.

One additional key feature of the graphics engine will be a particle explosion system that illuminates the complete scenario, each particle can leave its own smoke trail on the screen. Due to the combination of realtime and pre-rendered graphics effects not seen before become possible.  For example morphing constructions, rotting worms and maggots, growing hair and grass, burning post war scenarios, etc.

With about one hour of rendered animations there will be a wide selection of different worlds and hidden sublevels to discover.




The player ship can be easily controlled using the digital joypad or, alternatively, the analog joystick and even with your standard ship you are able to shoot with a decent speed. With the second joypad button you can fire special weapons, for example a powerful projectile which can be powered up by holding the button for a while. The power of this effect is displayed at the left lower corner of the screen.

Normally the game scrolls from left to right, but there are some locations where the scrolling direction changes into up-down or even high speed flying sequences with all kinds of camera perspectives.

You can choose between three different difficulty levels. Each world has at least one big special enemy.

If you are brave enough you can fight alone against all those beasts out there, but you can also ask a friend to join in and try the stunning two player mode with two ships simultaneously. This will of course increase your firepower, but the enemies will also be more aggressive in this mode.




While progressing through the game you can increase your armament and firepower in several ways and upgrade your ship with additional capabilities.

You can collect coins that are lost by some of the killed enemies. With those coins you can buy some additional goodies at the end of each level. For example you can buy smart bombs, additional rockets, satellites, energy, credits, shields, etc. You can also buy a hint how to best solve the next level. But be careful, some of the traders are not telling you the truth.

Collecting coins is just one way to get a more effective ship, the more direct way is to catch the stars which are lost by your enemies. There are five different stars with their individual symbols . You can only increase your weapon power by collecting the same type of stars. Corresponding to the stars there are five different ship classes, each with its own advantage and disadvantage. If you collect a star which doesn't match your current ship class, the look of your ship changes with a nice morphing effect. You have to find out which weapon type is best at which part of the level and then try to collect the right symbols to get the highest shooting performance. If you have collected enough symbols your firepower will fill almost the whole screen.


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The levels are assorted like a tree. There is no need to play them in a row. You can choose your way at the end of each level. If you have for example a problem at level 3-1 you can decide to try the other level exit next time, which might work better for you. Nevertheless you have to play at least 6 levels to get to one of the final absolutely deadly endbosses. You can buy a hint at the shop which level is best for which weapon. Also you can buy some clues about the endboss strategy.


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Some worlds additionally have small sublevels. You can reach them if you find the right entrance.





  • Mechanical level with moving engine parts, rotating gear wheels, a hydraulic press


  • Fire level with burning debris, all inside a destroyed and burning spacestation (The station starts to burn after you have destroyed the reactor)


  • Alienlevel: the complete environment looks like a slimy alien ship.


  • Toylevel with clowns, toyplanes, tanks, moving toy soldiers


  • Citylevel with illuminated skyscrapers, animated hoardings, moving light beams


  • Groundlevel with big flowers, fat frogs, spiders. The flowers are changing their shape and are trying to eat the players ship.


  • Unterwaterlevel with big fishes, bubbles, submarines


  • Mirrorlevel: You can only guess where the enemies are coming from as they reflect in all the mirrors. You best blow the mirrors into pieces to face your enemies.




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Fight against the most frightening creatures you have ever seen. But be careful, they don't take prisoners.

All enemies are realized using the realtime 3D graphics system. The bigger ones will change their strategies during the fight. You can focus on different parts of your enemies' body. For example, it will have a different effect if you aim on the body or the leg.

The bosses also have the ability to increase their strength by catching your bonus symbols. Be careful not to collide with a boss when you want to catch a symbol and your enemy also tries to snatch it.





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  • Combined FMV / realtime 3D graphics not seen before in this quality
  • About one hour high quality FMV animations
  • Texture mapped polygon enemies
  • Advanced particle explosion system and light effects
  • Constantly high frame rate
  • One or two player modes
  • Large level specific enemies
  • Combined extraweapon systems
  • Shops to buy additional items
  • Tree level structure
  • Hidden sublevels




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Based on our current knowledge, the Project X hardware resources would be used as follows:

MPE0: Control logic, music and sound effects, realtime rendering engine

MPE1: Realtime rendering engine

MPE2: Realtime rendering engine or ingame FMV replay

MPE3: Ingame FMV replay

The game would use a double buffered display at a resolution of 320 x 240 or, depending on the possible speed/quality ratio of the FMV replay, even 640 x 240 with 30 frames per second.


The information in this document is subject to change without notice. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without written permission.




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