April 2002

Iron Soldier 3 Box Art
4/25/2002 by K3V

I've had a few requests to post the box art for Iron Soldier 3 since the copies that NUON-Dome and VM Labs gave away were disc only, so here it is. Be warned, though, it's about 3 megs - I scanned it at a high resolution so it should look OK when printed out.

Don't forget that the IS3 manual is also available in PDF format here as well.

Llamasoft Makes a Comebaack
4/21/2002 by K3V

While not directly related to NUON, there are a lot of Minter fans that visit here no doubt, so this news will be of interest to you!

The Official Llamasoft Website has launched, which means Llamasoft is back! Fronted by Jeff Minter, the man behind Tempest 3000 and NUON VLM, Llamasoft is now focusing on Pocket PC and standard PC game development. The first Llamasoft offerings are new versions of Deflex and Hover Bovver which can be downloaded in Demo form, or purchased for a complete download at a very nice price (5 UK pounds!).

Also up on the site are strategy guides, Llamasoft history, Yak's blog, various downloads and more. So be sure to head over and check out the games - support Llamasoft!

Bust A Move 4 reviewed...and more!
4/14/2002 by K3V

Now available on the Games Page is a review and a bunch of screenshots/video for the unreleased NUON game, Bust-A-Move 4! Learn all about how I ended up with a copy of it and how it was going to turn out.

Also note that all of the downloads are now available from the Games page, with each freeware/homebrew game having it's own page with screenshots, readme file, etc. Also, since the official VM Labs site is down, I've archived both NUON SDK releases there as well. Check it all out and enjoy!

Qix Up and Running on NUON
4/5/2002 by K3V

Tim, same guy that brought us Atari 2600 PacMan for NUON, brings us some interesting info regarding his experiments with the Atari 800 emulator for NUON. He says that while it's still quite slow, he was able to get Qix running and wanted to share a photo, which can be seen here.

More info as it becomes available.

aMaze MPEG Video
4/4/2002 by K3V

The aMaze GameFan MPEG video is now up on the Media Page, which completes the collection of clips that GameFan online took a few E3's ago. This file takes a good look at the unreleased game in action. Thanks to Keita for passing along the clip!

NUON Wave Animation Unearthed
4/2/2002 by K3V

Thanks to Andreas Binner, a new NUON animation is now available for download. Known as the "Wave Intro," the 3D animation was to be used in future NUON games and commercials. What's available in this clip is not completely finished and is more a "proof-of-idea." Andreas adds that "In its current form it also is too long. The music is the only version we did, and perhaps different than one would expect. ;-)"

The file is VCD ready which can be burned and viewed on your N501.

Credits for the animation:

Design & Rendering: Andreas Binner & Heike Kuhnhaeuser
Music: Stephan Fischer

Download the file here, or head over to the Media Page and check out the archived IS3 and T3K MPEG clips from GameFan Online as well! Also, if anyone has the aMaze MPEG from GameFan, please email me so that clip can be archived here as well. Thanks!