March 2003

N2000's for $79.99
3/28/2003 by K3V

If you're looking to pick up the original NUON-Enhanced DVD player, has them for a great price. Click here to see the listing for the N2000 at only $79.99. On top of that, shipping is only $2.49.

Keep in mind, though, that if this will be your only NUON DVD player, that it won't play the downloadable NUON games. Why Not?

Thanks to NUON-Dome Forum member klewdin for the scoop!

New N501 Archive Review
3/26/2003 by K3V

Recently, NUON-Dome was given permission to archive Michael Olshansky's N501 Review, so it's been posted to the Hardware Page for your reading pleasure.

The more opinions the better! Thanks to Michael Olshansky for the review.

NUON Emulator Gets Website, New Name
3/22/2003 by K3V

Riff, programmer of the current NUON emulator, NuonEm, has started up a website dedicated to emulator development. The site is, and it has forums dedicated to emulator programming principals and practice. There is also a set of forums dedicated to Nuance, the dynamic recompiling emulator which will replace the current NuonEm.

You can download NuonEm versuon 0.1.5I from the Files forum. This will likely be the last release of NuonEm before development on Nuance begins.

They're also looking for a logo for the EmuForge pages, so if you fancy yourself a bit of a logo designer, head over to the page and submit your work!