January 2003

N501 Featured in Smart TV & Sound
1/29/2003 by K3V

The Samsung DVD-N501 graces the cover of the current issue of Smart TV and Sound Magazine, in which they give a review of the machine and walk through a viewing of Bedazzled. Unfortunately the review comes after the machine has been discontinued, and they did experience some audio sync issues with it.

The full article is available on the Smart TV and Sound website. Thanks to NUON-Dome Forum member Shatter for the heads-up.

Tips and Tricks Article: Collecting NUON
1/29/2003 by K3V

Back in June of 2002, Tips and Tricks magazine featured NUON in its Collector's Closet, a section written by Digital Press' Joe Santulli. The article highlights NUON and its games, focusing on the collectability, rarity and a bit of the background for each title. It also gives suggestions on where to find NUON games - shops such as amazon.com and DVD International are mentioned.

You can check out the scanned article right here.

DVD International Orders
1/14/2003 by K3V

Lately I've been receiving emails from people who have been experiencing troubles with orders placed at DVD 4 You/DVD International. Unfortunately NUON-Dome does not handle the sale of NUON games or accessories, so if you're one of the people waiting on an order, please do not email me about it. Instead, use the contact information provided on the DVD International website:

EMAIL: josh@dvdinternational.com

Mailing Address
P.O. BOX 128

TELEPHONE : (973) 335-1837

FAX: (973) 335-3414

Links to DVD International's products have been removed from the Store section to avoid future confusion. Thanks for your understanding, and good luck with your orders!

It's an Explosive New Year...
1/3/2003 by K3V

The new year brings us a great new version of BOMB, which now features 14 levels, a new gadget, title screen and more! Here's the full new features list:

  • 14 Levels (thanks to MMDN for his 5 levels)
  • Improved camera movement
  • New gadget: "Spinach", allows hero to move bombs and mines for a limited time
  • Extra life after every 1000 points
  • New title screen (thanks to K3V)
  • Hero needs to be on a safe tile in order to complete the level
  • Many bug-fixes...
The source code has also been updated, along with the level editor to include all the new features and updates.

Finally, we're happy to report that the high scores list is now up and running, so either click on the banner above or head over to the BOMB Page here to get in on the action!