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The NUON-Dome Holiday Giveaway!

To celebrate the holiday season, NUON-Dome is giving away one game a week for three weeks during the month of December! To enter, just hit the link by each game below when it becomes available, and include your Name, Complete Mailing Address, and Email address. Winners will be chosen at random, and this contest is open to US residents only. One entry per person per title.

Week 1 - Ballistic ballisticbox.jpg - 29079 Bytes

Our first game to be given away is the puzzle game Ballistic. Only available as a pack-in with Samsung NUON DVD players, this one is perfect for Toshiba SD2300 owners who otherwise wouldn't have a chance to pick it up.

The deadline for entries to win Ballistic is December 8, 2001.

Congratulations to Matt Kiefaber, the winner of Ballistic!

Week 2 - FreeFall ffbox.jpg - 41527 Bytes

Up for grabs in the second week of the Holiday Giveaway is possibly the most challenging game for NUON, FreeFall 3050 AD. In FreeFall you take the role of a skydiving police officer to make the skies safe for the rest of mankind. Drop your entry in for this one if you're looking to put your gameplay skills to work.

Your chance to win FreeFall will be from December 9 to December 15, 2001

Congratulations to Shawn Cordy, the winner of FreeFall!

Week 3 - Tempest 3000 ffbox.jpg - 41527 Bytes

For the third and final week of the giveaway, you'll have the chance to pick up Jeff Minter's psychadelic masterpiece, Tempest 3000. This game features trippy, mind-melting graphics, cool techno music and hyper-addicting gameplay. A must-have for any NUON owner!

Congratulations to Chris Brockman, the winner of Tempest!


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