NUON Video Blog and Samsung DVD Drive Hack

I know, I know, it’s been far too long since the last NUON-Dome update. There are a number of factors contributing to that, a busy personal life and a general lack of NUON developments being the most prominent factors. But I’m going to try to get back into the swing, hopefully starting with a new content management system so I can update the site with relative ease. But enough of my excuses, let’s get to the goods:

NUON Video Blog

Leave it to Scott at DragonShadow to guilt me into an update. Much to my suprise I found a link to this YouTube video in my email this morning:

Through DragonShadow Industries, Scott has decided bring us a series of NUON video blogs throughout the year. In this first entry, he explains the concept behind the project, makes excuses for not keeping up with his NUON stuff (like me, see above), and then gives his thanks to us, the NUON community. I won’t spoil it by spelling it out here, but I will say I am very honored with Scott’s gesture and provide much thanks to him for his acknowledgement of NUON-Dome.

Keep an eye on the Video Blog Page at the DragonShadow website for updates and future episodes.

Disc Read Error Fix for Samsung N501, N504 and N505

It’s with that feeling of thanks that I post T_T’s guide to fixing the faulty DVD drive in your Samsung N501, N504 or N505 NUON DVD player. It’s a simple but ingenious fix that involves swapping out a drive from a similar Samsung DVD player. Click here to check it out, and for future reference it will be on the Info Page. Thanks again T_T!

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