Frog Feast is Nuon-Bound

Frog FeastRasterSoft has revealed that a port of their game Frog Feast is headed to Nuon alongside releases for the 3DO and NEC’s PC-FX August 20 to coincide with the 5th anniversary of the game.

Frog Feast, which has seen releases on more than 12 video game consoles and arcade systems, is an updated version of the classic game Frog Bog, featuring improved graphics, sound, AI and more. The game made its launch at both the Classic Gaming Expo 2005 and VGXPO, Dallas events on the same day, according to its listing on MobyGames.

MobyGames describes the gameplay as simple to figure out. “In the single player version your goal is to catch as many flies floating about the top of the screen within the time allowed and to beat the AI’s frogs score. In the 2-player version, you do the same but go head-2-head against another player which makes snagging those flies at the last minute, just before your competitor does, a real treat.”

Beyond the release of Frog Feast, RasterSoft’s Charles Doty says he has more in store for Nuon.

“I have a game in early development that I plan to get working on the Nuon,” said Doty in a NUON-Dome forum post. “The game mechanics work, it just a matter of actually creating a fun game.”

Below is a video of the Atari Jaguar CD version of Frog Feast in action.

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