‘nWrap’ Enhances Nuance Emulator

SIXL Running under nWrapForum member SophT has written a CLI enabled, full-screen wrapper to enhance the user interface for the PC Nuon emulator “Nuance.”

Below is the readme file with more details:

This is a wrapper for Nuance, a NUON Emulator.

nWrap was written to support nuance on arcade cabs, so it supports command-line input and ‘esc’ key closing.

Usage is simple:

simply drop nWrap.exe and nWrap.ini in the same directory as nuance.exe

nWrap “Drive:\Path to\your\nuon\files\nuon.run”

This works for files on your harddrive or mounted on a virtualized drive.

Known issues:

IF there’s an error with nuance and it crashes (not as a result of the wrapper) before the video screen appears you may get hung with a black screen.
You can alt+tab and exit nuance, or kill it with taskmanager and exit nWrap.

nWrap.ini contains the resolution of your desktop that you would like it to return to AFTER exiting.
NWrap will run at a resolution of 640×480x32 - so again make sure your monitor can handle that.

For more information or to get in on the discussion, visit the NUON-Dome Forums.

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