Free NUON Cross Pens and Controllers

Skah_T from DragonShadow industries is giving away some NUON goodies for just the price of shipping and PayPal fees.

NUON Cross PenFirst up are some nice Cross pens that feature the NUON logo. For US residents, cost is $3. For those overseas, it is $5. Send PayPal payment to If you want to pay by other means then please contact Skah_T directly at the same e-mail address.

Also available are two boxes of HPI Stealth controllers of unknown working condition. He is looking to unload an entire box at a time (approximately 10-15 controllers) for just the cost of shipping. Again, contact if you are interested in a box of NUON controllers that will need some work to function properly.

[And yes, this is the first news post in nearly a year. Apologies for the slacking, but life was pretty crazy for a while. Things have settled down so I will try to get updates in occasionally from now on as things develop. Thanks for visiting!]

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