Author of NUON emulator “Nuance” Dies

Mike Perry, known in the NUON scene as “Riff,” has passed away. He died from a cranial aneurysm on August 1 at the age of 32. Perry’s father recently contacted a few people from the NUON scene to make us aware of the situation.

Nuance running Decaying OrbitPerry was the author of the NUON emulator Nuance, through which he brilliantly reverse-engineered the NUON hardware with minimal documentation and assistance. Though Perry was typically quiet and seemed to prefer to toil away at the intricacies of the hardware, he was a brilliant mind and his work will live on through Nuance.

Perry’s father has offered to share the files off of his son’s computer, which should be available to the NUON community in the matter of a few days. Hopefully someone can pick up the pieces and continue where he left off.

Feel free to leave any comments about Perry in this thread. For a particularly good example of just a shred of his knowledge, check out his back-and-forth discussion of PS3’s Cell processor in comparison to NUON in this thread.

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