DragonShadow Video blog #2 - Hello NUON

DragonShadow Industries has posted the second entry into their video blog series today. Entitled “Hello NUON,” this episode spans the origins of NUON, through its death and afterlife with the homebrew community. It’s a good resource for those who may have never heard of NUON before, and gives some insight from an insider’s perspective on what happened at VM Labs to cause the company’s demise.

It looks like the next installment will give us a developers-eye view of Decaying Orbit, so be sure to stay tuned for that! And be sure to read the entry at the DSI site for more background on this episode and what was cut to make the clip fit to YouTube’s 10 minute requirement. Also, next time: GFKAEV?

UPDATE: Skah_T uploaded the entire, uncut edition to Google Video so I’ve updated the video in this post. It’s worth a second viewing to check out all the extra stuff that was trimmed to squeeze it onto YouTube.

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