FreeFall Updated for Xbox and PC

FreeFall ScreenshotTotal ArKade Software (TAKS) announced to today that they’ve released an updated version of their NUON game, FreeFall 3050 A.D. for the PC and Xbox platforms.

“It’s a straight port with updated/hi-res textures and a few more FX,” says Tony Takoushi of TAKS. “The tunnel draw distance is w-a-y longer now with some really cool perspective shift as you drop faster that makes it f-e-e-l much faster, and framerate is solid 60FPS on Xbox and PC.”

The game costs a mere $20 and will be available for purchase directly through TAKS beginning on April 9th. To place your order, contact

Minimum requirements for the PC version are a 1.6 GHz processor and 64 MB video RAM. The Xbox version requires a modded Xbox and will not run on stock, off-the-shelf systems.

For more information on FreeFall, check out NUON-Dome’s review of the game, or visit the Total ArKade Software website at

4 Responses to “FreeFall Updated for Xbox and PC”

  1. Coolio. I’ll be nabbing the XBox version.

  2. Same here :)

  3. Was definitely going to pick this up until I saw the bit about needing a modified XBOX to run it. I might still do it, but the PC version might be a safer bet.

    It would seem that an XBOX Live Arcade port would be a more profitable venture…

  4. I’ve got a modded Xbox so I’m going to grab that version. I emailed Tony to see if there was an update on this and he said it’s “almost there.” Hopefully I’ll have more news soon.

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