Video: NUON Aries 3-Based Reference Player

Aries 3 Reference PlayerFormer VM Labs audio guru Andreas Binner has updated the NUON Alumni Page with an all-new video clip of a hand-crafted Aries 3-based reference player. This is similar to the machines you’d see at trade shows, E3, etc., with the cool brushed steel cases and clear tops. They were used to demonstrate the machine to the public and to show what the hardware was capable of.

This is a seven minute demonstration video showing the GUI and features of the reference firmware, which most have never seen before. So click the image to view the video, it’s around 10 MB and requires the Quicktime video player.

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  1. Cool stuff! I’d never seen that before. It still seems ahead of its time, even today. Imagine all that stuff with HD content. The zoom would be even better. *sigh*

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