Rastersoft Invades Nuon

RasterSoft recently released “Rastersoft Invades the Nuon” - a game demo that is a port of its “3DO Invades” demo to the Nuon platform.
Click here to download the demo, which includes the burnable nuon.cd file and source code. Use the d-pad to move the alien, and start to reset. The remote is not supported.
Rastersoft is […]

‘nWrap’ Enhances Nuance Emulator

Forum member SophT has written a CLI enabled, full-screen wrapper to enhance the user interface for the PC Nuon emulator “Nuance.”
Below is the readme file with more details:
This is a wrapper for Nuance, a NUON Emulator.
nWrap was written to support nuance on arcade cabs, so it supports command-line input and ‘esc’ key closing.
Usage is […]

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