Frog Feast is Nuon-Bound

RasterSoft has revealed that a port of their game Frog Feast is headed to Nuon alongside releases for the 3DO and NEC’s PC-FX August 20 to coincide with the 5th anniversary of the game.
Frog Feast, which has seen releases on more than 12 video game consoles and arcade systems, is an updated version of the […]

Rastersoft Invades Nuon

RasterSoft recently released “Rastersoft Invades the Nuon” - a game demo that is a port of its “3DO Invades” demo to the Nuon platform.
Click here to download the demo, which includes the burnable file and source code. Use the d-pad to move the alien, and start to reset. The remote is not supported.
Rastersoft is […]

‘nWrap’ Enhances Nuance Emulator

Forum member SophT has written a CLI enabled, full-screen wrapper to enhance the user interface for the PC Nuon emulator “Nuance.”
Below is the readme file with more details:
This is a wrapper for Nuance, a NUON Emulator.
nWrap was written to support nuance on arcade cabs, so it supports command-line input and ‘esc’ key closing.
Usage is […]

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