NUON Emulator Updated

Riff released version 0.5.0 of Nuance on Wednesday, the NUON emulator for PC’s. A great deal of effort has been made to make this version of the emulator as fast as possible.
Whats new in 0.5.0:

Fixed TimeToSleep, making Snake playable again (but still requires disabling MIDI in source code)
Fixed many compiler bugs, fixing Walkthru and Room […]

DragonShadow Video Blog #3 - GFKAEV

Here’s the latest entry into the video blog series that DragonShadow Industries is putting out. It turns out that GFKAEV stands for “Game Formerly Known As Escape Velocity,” the original name for Decaying Orbit. In this episode, Skah_T walks us through the entire game, missing only the branches to the higher difficulties. It’s a […]

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