DragonShadow Video Blog #3 - GFKAEV

Here’s the latest entry into the video blog series that DragonShadow Industries is putting out. It turns out that GFKAEV stands for “Game Formerly Known As Escape Velocity,” the original name for Decaying Orbit. In this episode, Skah_T walks us through the entire game, missing only the branches to the higher difficulties. It’s a […]

DragonShadow Video blog #2 - Hello NUON

DragonShadow Industries has posted the second entry into their video blog series today. Entitled “Hello NUON,” this episode spans the origins of NUON, through its death and afterlife with the homebrew community. It’s a good resource for those who may have never heard of NUON before, and gives some insight from an insider’s perspective on […]

FreeFall Updated for Xbox and PC

Total ArKade Software (TAKS) announced to NUON-Dome.com today that they’ve released an updated version of their NUON game, FreeFall 3050 A.D. for the PC and Xbox platforms.
“It’s a straight port with updated/hi-res textures and a few more FX,” says Tony Takoushi of TAKS. “The tunnel draw distance is w-a-y longer now with some really […]

NUON Community Award Arrives

I knew it was on the way from the DSI Video Blog, but it was still pretty exciting to actually get the NUON Community Award for “best fansite” physically in-hand. From what I recall, these awards were originally given out by VM Labs when the Aries chips were finally manufactured, and contain two of the […]

Video: NUON Aries 3-Based Reference Player

Former VM Labs audio guru Andreas Binner has updated the NUON Alumni Page with an all-new video clip of a hand-crafted Aries 3-based reference player. This is similar to the machines you’d see at trade shows, E3, etc., with the cool brushed steel cases and clear tops. They were used to demonstrate the machine to […]

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