DragonShadow Video Blog #6 - Dev System

The next installment of DragonShadow’s video blog series on NUON is here, this time it takes a look at the NUON development system. Skah_T shows us what the system consists of and gets into his plans for putting the hardware in a more compact and attractive case.

Author of NUON emulator “Nuance” Dies

Mike Perry, known in the NUON scene as “Riff,” has passed away. He died from a cranial aneurysm on August 1 at the age of 32. Perry’s father recently contacted a few people from the NUON scene to make us aware of the situation.
Perry was the author of the NUON emulator Nuance, through which […]

DragonShadow Video Blog #5 - Robot Ron

In this month’s entry of the ongoing series of NUON video blogs, Skah_T takes us into his latest project, the port of Robot Ron from Yaroze to NUON. Skah_T shows the game running on the Yaroze and then shows us the (minimal!) progress made to the NUON port.
For next time, we’ll have a […]

DragonShadow Video Blog #4 - GFKAEV part 2

The conclusion of Skah_T’s video walkthrough of Decaying Orbit is finally here, and once again is worth a watch. This time he runs us through the second half of the game, reveals a NUON-only easter egg and gets through the end of the game. For his notes on the video, hit up the DragonShadow website […]

NUON Emulator Updated

Riff released version 0.5.0 of Nuance on Wednesday, the NUON emulator for PC’s. A great deal of effort has been made to make this version of the emulator as fast as possible.
Whats new in 0.5.0:

Fixed TimeToSleep, making Snake playable again (but still requires disabling MIDI in source code)
Fixed many compiler bugs, fixing Walkthru and Room […]

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