Epic eBay Auctions from Former VM Labs Staffer

Skah_T from DragonShadow Industries has posted a slew of NUON goodies up for auction on eBay, including some never-before-seen collectibles, rare NUON games like Iron Soldier 3 and The Next Tetris, the Europe-only Samsung N504 player and more. Here are the links:

Tempest 3000, Space Invaders XL, Merlin Racing and Freefall 3050 A.D. games
Iron Soldier 3 […]

NUON and Project X Shirts and Jacket

I recently got my hands on a few pieces of NUON history so I thought I’d share some photos. First is a NUON polo shirt, with the logo on the front; second is a VM Labs/Project X shirt; third is black NUON polo with the old nuon.tv URL on the sleeve; and finally we have […]

Free NUON Cross Pens and Controllers

Skah_T from DragonShadow industries is giving away some NUON goodies for just the price of shipping and PayPal fees.
First up are some nice Cross pens that feature the NUON logo. For US residents, cost is $3. For those overseas, it is $5. Send PayPal payment to sc@dragonshadow.com. If you want to pay by other means […]

NUON Authentication Software Found

One of the holy grails of the NUON scene has been uncovered. Skah_T has come across the essential tool to allow homebrew NUON developers full access to create software for every NUON player, not just those capable of playing CD-Rs. The authentication software basically breaks down any barriers there were to creating full DVD-compatible NUON […]

Version 0.5.1 of Nuance Discovered

NUON-Dome forum member cdoty has turned up a final version of Riff’s NUON emulator, Nuance. This version was presumably completed and ready for release prior to Riff’s death in August, but he never got to share it with the rest of the world.
We’re happy now to be able to share this with everyone, the last […]

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