NUON on Ars Technica

Richard Moss is back writing about NUON, this time in a comprehensive look back at the ups and downs of VM Labs and the NUON platform throughout its lifespan. NUON-Dome supplied a number of images used throughout the story.
It’s a great piece and well worth a read. Check it out.

A new NUON game appears!

Homebrew game creator gameblabla has released the first homebrew NUON game in a number of years, Killmind.
The game is a port of his 3DO game of the same name, and is based on SupraKillminds! by Jack Nolldor. Here’s a description, courtesy of Retro Game Network:
SupraKillminds! is a simple puzzle game, that is being […]

NUON in June 2014 Edge Magazine

A few months back was I interviewed by Richard Moss for a story in Edge Magazine about the preservation of obscure video game consoles. I talked to him about NUON and the and the Jaguar, and the story is in the June 2014 issue, number 267. The story is titled “Life after death: meet the […]

The most obscure console ever?

Retroware TV seems to think so. Check out this pretty thorough recap of the history of NUON:

Unboxing the Korean NUON Player

NUON-Dome Forum member litoskin recently acquired the Korean Samsung N591 NUON DVD player, complete with the NUON-enhanced “Shiri” movie DVD and the game “Crayon Shin Chan 3,” which is only playable on the N591. The system also came with the Samsung NUON controller, the original box, and more.
You can see the unboxing in the video […]

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