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by Toshiba

Type: NUON-Enhanced DVD Player
Release Date: Available Now
Pack-in: NUON Demo Disk with The Next Tetris (full)
MSRP: $299
Downloads: Firmware | Manual


  • NUON ports on the front panel, allowing easy connection of NUON peripherals such as a game console
  • A 10-bit, 27MHz video DAC
  • Component video, S-video and composite video outputs that operate in parallel, enabling the SD2300 to be connected to more than one TV for multi-room viewing
  • Compatibility with 24bit/96kHz audio
  • HDCD
  • An advanced remote control and Quick Menu navigation

Quick Thoughts:

While I don't own the Toshiba SD-2300 player, I have seen the unit in stores and read reports on it from others online who have bought it. It seems like a quality player overall (I hear the zoom is quite smooth on it), but it's lacking some of the features found in the Samsung Extiva DVD-N2000. For example, the VLM in the Toshiba features only 8 effects total, while the Extiva has 100+ (these were apparently cut due to concerns about the VLM effects inducing seizures). Also, there is no pack-in controller on the Toshiba, but the remote does seem to be quite good and the joystick on it felt better than the one on the Samsung. Another nice plus on the Toshiba is the flip-down cover for the NUON ports on the front, as opposed to the small cover that is completely removed from the Samsung to expose the NUON ports.

The player does come with a NUON Demo disk, like the Extiva, but you have to mail in a card to receive the disk. The good news is that Toshiba owners get a full copy of Hasbro Interactive's "The Next Tetris" included on their demo disk, a game which is otherwise unavailable.

For me, I'm completely happy with my Samsung NUON player. But, the Toshiba SD2300 has the benefit of wider availability and a more reputable name amongst videophiles, which will prove to be a benefit to its success. Had Toshiba left all the VLM effects and packed in a NUON controller, it would have had the advantage with it's SD-2300. But, as it stands the Samsung seems to be a better value since they can both be had for about the same price.

Hardware Specs:

The SD2300 Includes all the Toshiba Standard Features Plus:


  • ColorStream® Component Video Output
  • 10-bit 27MHz Video DAC with High-Resolution Filtter
  • 540 Lines Horizontal Resolution


  • HDCD® Decoding and Precision Filtering
  • Built-In Dolby® Digital and DTS® Compatible Digital Output
  • One Pair of Analog Audio Outputs
  • Spatializer® N-2-2™ Virtual Surround Sound
  • Virtual Light Machine®
  • Front Panel NUON® Expansion Ports


  • 16-Power Picture Zoom with Digital Filtering
  • DVD/CD/NUON® Disc Playback
  • DVD/CD Text Compatibility
  • Virtual Remote Control
  • Remote Confirmation
  • Angle Viewer
  • Preview
  • Strobe
  • Picture Capture
  • Quick Menu
  • NAVI Menu

All Toshiba DVD Players have the following standard features:

  • 10-bit Video DAC
  • Video Black Level Expansion
  • S-Video Output
  • Composite Video Output
  • Parallel Video Output
  • 24-bit PCM Audio Compatible (minimum 96kHz)
  • Dolby® Digital & DTS® Compatible
  • Coaxial Digital Audio Output
  • Dynamic Range Control
  • 4-Power Picture Zoom
  • Parallel A/V Outputs
  • X2 Playback
  • x2, x8, x30 Forward and Reverse Scan
  • 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 Slow Motion: Forward and Reverse
  • DVD-Video/CD Playback
  • Parental Lock
  • Time Search
  • Icon-Based On-Screen Displays
  • Bit-Rate Meter
  • Camera Angle Select
  • Multi-Language Select
  • Multi-Subtitle Select
  • Title Stop

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