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Type: NUON-Enhanced DVD Player
Release Date: June 2003
NUON Ports: No
MSRP: $249
Hack it!: Make it Region Free


NOTE: This machine WILL NOT run official NUON games and software, but will run homebrew games.

  • Faroudja DCDi Progressive Scan - Eliminate jagged edges that appear in standard interlaced video with Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (DCDi) technology.
  • MP3 Pro Decoder - Decodes and plays MP3 Pro files that are stored on a CDR/RW disc.
  • Nuon Technology - Enjoy Nuon encoded movie discs or experience enhanced special effects.
  • Digital PhotoView - View digital photos on the TV by inserting a CD-R/RW JPEG encoded disc into the player.
  • Plays DVD, CD, CD-R/RW, VCD, DVD+RW, MP3 Pro - Plays back a variety of DVD and CD formatted discs.
  • Optical and Coaxial Digital Audio Outputs - Provides an encoded six-channel Dolby¹^ or DTS² digital output via your choice of optical (toslink) or coaxial connections.
  • Universal Remote Control - Provides DVD operations plus control of the primary functions of major brand remote-controllable TVs, VCRs and cable boxes.

Manufacturer Description:

This RCA DVD Player lets you enjoy your favorite movies and will also decode and play MP3 files. Plus, Digital PhotoView? lets you enjoy your digital photos on your television.

Manufacturer: RCA - Mfg Part#: DRC480N

A Quote from Buy Magazine:

"Another increasingly popular new technology is Faroudja’s DCDi or Directional Correlation Deinterlacing technology. Introduced a couple of years ago for broadcast converters, this Emmy award-winning technology has finally found its way to DVD players at an attainable price. The DCDi logo means that you get Faroudja’s state-of-the-art video processing technology that uses a video algorithm to increase resolution and eliminate jagged edges in diagonal lines caused by interpolation when standard interlaced video is viewed on progressive-scan displays. RCA makes use of DCDi technology with its sub-$200 offering, the DRC480N (item# ECW4Y5). This model is a full-featured progressive scan DVD player that incorporates DCDi for smoother images and a decoder to play CD-quality MP3PRO music files. Nuon technology enables the DRC480N to sport new features such as full-scale zoom, voice enhancement to bring up dialogue in scenes with background noise, and a virtual light machine that creates colorful images onscreen while playing CD or MP3 music. You can also find JPEG viewing options like simultaneous MP3 and JPEG playback to add music to slideshows as well as navigation of JPEG images."

From the Original RCA Press Release:

Providing a dramatically crisp picture, RCA DVD model DRC480N incorporates Faroudja Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (DCDi) progressive scan technology that produces smoother and more natural images while eliminating jagged edges on interlaced video. This full-featured progressive scan DVD player also has an mp3PRO decoder that supports playback of CD-quality mp3PRO music files. Nuon Technology inside the player enables a number of new features such as full scale zoom from 0.5x to 15x, Smart Resume (that remembers where disc playback stopped on up to 10 discs), voice enhancement (that brings up the dialogue during noisy background scenes), and Virtual Light Machine (that creates colorful images on the television screen to complement the type of music being played on a CD or mp3 disc.) The Nuon processor also provides additional JPEG viewing options including simultaneous mp3 and JPEG playback (for adding music to the picture show), navigation of JPEG and mp3 files in the same directory, zoom and pan of JPEG images, and rotation of JPEG pictures by 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

Model DRC480N, with a new slim-design cabinet, has one set of gold A/V composite jacks, a component video output, S-Video and optical and coaxial digital output jacks. Model DRC480N will be available in August. The suggested retail price is $249.


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