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October 23, 2004
4:30 P.M. to 10:30 P.M.

At St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
5885 Hopkins Road, Mentor, Ohio

NUON-Dome and the JagFest will be making a stop at this years CCAG (near Cleveland, OH) and will be bringing along some choice gaming goodness. Here's a sample:


  • Upcoming game Decaying Orbit from DragonShadow Industries
  • Prototype game Bust-A-Move 4
  • Prototype game controller
  • Playable Tempest 3000, Iron Soldier 3 & other commercial games
  • Playable homebrew games like Breakout, BOMB, PacMan, Doom & more


  • Upcoming games Mad Bodies and MightyFrog by Force Design
  • Prototype games Brett Hull Hockey CD, Black Ice/White Noise, Caves of Fear and more
  • Prototype hardware Jaguar Voice Modem, Controller and more.
  • Networked BattleSphere, Doom and Aircars

Plans are subject to change, and even more stuff is in the works, so keep an eye on this page for new info and details.

Want to help out? if you're in the area and want to help set up equipment, bring gear or just come enjoy the show. Volunteers will get their very own N-D/JagFest nametag as a small token of thanks. ADMISSION IS FREE So there's no excuse not to stop by!

The N-D/JagFest is co-organized by Kevin Manne and Stephen Anderson.

If you are coming to the show and want a name badge with your Name and Nickname on it, with what you want on it and I will have it ready for you when you get to the JagFest area. Here's an example of what they will look like:

Here's the CD label for a disc full of Jaguar and NUON game MP3's that I made up to play at the show:

I've also secured a digital projector to use at the show, so get ready for some larger-than-life VLM2, T3K, T2K and more!

Bust-A-Move 4

Decaying Orbit

Mad Bodies



Tempest 3000



Brett Hull Hockey

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